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Adrenal Fatigue involves much more than the adrenals. I had ZERO chance of getting to the root causes of my fatigue issues on my own, or even with a local practitioner. Dr. Joel’s consults were “genetically targeted interventions and are the future of medicine”. He really connects the dots between genetics, and lab results. I would recommend taking advantage working with Dr. Joel’s. For me, I hesitated to pull the trigger because of the expense. Now that I have spent the money, I feel like the labs and consults are a great value. All of the years of time, effort, and expense pursuing challenges that were not root cause issues could have been saved had I found Dr. Joel earlier.

Griffin Kruse 

My initial health concern when coming to Dr. Joel, was fatigue. My biggest fear at the time, was if the fatigue was going to become, a consistent part of my life. Working with Dr Joel, has been a true blessing. To start I can’t express enough, the importance of getting the DNA test. This test comes with an abundant amount of insight, that is INVALUABLE, for the rest of your life. I have received testing result insight from Dr. Joel, testing, with a thorough explanation and a protocol to target my exact genetic code. Starting the protocol, right off the bat, has been life changing. This has given me such hope and obtaining the test results, has been confidence boosting. No more guessing.Do yourself the favor, your health is the biggest wise investment, you can make! Stop the running around and seeking help from those that don’t have your best interest at heart. Health is wealth,


Dr Rosen is so very knowledgable, especially when it comes to biochemistry and genetics, AND he's got a great big heart and real passion for helping others. Where other doctors have sent me home with no answers and no hope, Dr Rosen gave me the tools and knowledge to facilitate healing! When I first met with him, I had such bad cellular level fatigue, I could barely lift a mug, could only walk about 10 feet on my own (and VERY slowly), could barely think, and I was still getting worse quickly! I'm well on my way to full recovery and able to do pilates, help around the house, walk the dog, etc - I literally have Dr Rosen to thank for saving my life